The “Rete degli Eventi” (Network of Events), commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Dolomites’ UNESCO status, is underway!

Work is in progress to set up initiatives dedicated to the 10 years of World Heritage status that are worthy of inclusion in the “Rete degli Eventi”. Once the approval of the National Committee coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment is obtained, these initiatives will be able to use the logo created for the tenth anniversary and be promoted in the special section of the site. Thanks to all of your contributions, a programme is taking shape to mark the tenth anniversary of the inclusion of the Dolomites in the UNESCO World Heritage List: a programme developed not from on high but by the communities themselves!

A programme made together

In keeping with the spirit that drives the daily work of the Foundation on the ground, the tenth anniversary will represent a further opportunity for sharing. The appeal is therefore addressed to all those who will be organising, throughout 2019, initiatives that promote the values of UNESCO recognition and who wish to share it with the whole of the Dolomites, and therefore make it known on a greater scale.

There will naturally be a whole series of events promoted directly by the Foundation. The programme is developing day by day, but there are some key points that we wish to share with you. A show of great symbolic value will be held during the institutional party in Cortina on the 26th of June: there will in fact be music by four bands from the four territories of the Dolomites. This is also a clear sign of unity in diversity, which is what the UNESCO status of the Dolomites is all about. It will also be an opportunity to present the publication brought out especially for this important anniversary.

On the 16th of June, as part of a busy schedule of events, there will also be the inauguration of the terrace with view of the UNESCO Dolomites in Santa Cristina in Valgardena; while on the 29th, San Vigilio di Marebbe will organise music, gastronomy and workshops as part of the Dolomites UNESCO Fest.

There will also be some well-established events, such as the participation in the Trento Film Festival, which will be even greater and more varied this year; and the series of events that will be held in as many as six mountain refuges: the Berti mountain hut at Vallon Popera (Comelico Superiore – Belluno), the mountain hut of Cava Buscada (Val Zemola, Erto – Pordenone), the Agostini mountain hut (Dolomiti di Brenta – Trento), the Pradidali (Pale di San Martino – Trento), the Rosetta (Altopiano delle Pale – Trento) and the Pian de Fontana (Dolomiti Bellunesi – Belluno).

The Dolomites in a day

The key date to be marked on your calendar, that of the 10th anniversary of the proclamation of Seville, is June 26th. In addition to the official ceremony in Cortina, we asked ourselves how to make this day truly special and turn it into an opportunity for collective participation. The idea behind the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is both provocative and innovative. It is based on a simple observation: every day spent in the Dolomites is unique. Not only for the tourists who remain spellbound by the sheer beauty, but also for those who live and work in the presence of the Pale Mountains. So it makes sense to hear, on the day, the story of those who live and breathe the Dolomites. The day should be both ordinary and extraordinary, and be caught on a simple smartphone and made into a short film.