The Trento Film Festival in schools for sustainable development

“Cinema and nature: educational images for sustainable development training”. With this in mind, the Trento Film Festival has launched a proposal for a teaching kit to provide teachers with original tools for exploring the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Cinema for sustainability

The Trento Film Festival‘s commitment to sustainability has been translated into a proposal for an educational and training experience in which the viewing of films is accompanied by reflection on topics such as the climate crisis, the fight against poverty and inequality, and responsible consumption. You can find all the information on joining the project, watching the film previews and downloading the kits for the 17 proposed lessons accompanied by the description of a profession in the film industry at the following address.

Students will be guided in watching the film, studying related topics and carrying out activities.

The training proposal, promoted within the scope of the MIBACT-MIUR School’s National Cinema and Images Plan, arose from a collaboration with the Centre for International Cooperation, with the aim of promoting audio-visual media as a teaching resource that facilitates the development of interdisciplinary skills and fundamental values such as Global Citizenship Education and social inclusion, as well as environmental and mountain conservation.