The UNESCOSITES Exhibition, the UNESCO Dolomites showcased in Taormina

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The exhibition Unescosites/Italian Heritage and Arts will be open in Taormina, Sicily

Breath-taking images for an enticing 360° view


The sublime beauty of the Dolomites conquer Taormina

In the month of March it will be possible to visit the exhibition Unescosites Italian Heritage and Arts in the beautiful setting of Taormina.

The spatial representation technique known as augmented reality using ARtGlass glasses will enable visitors to explore the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site in depth. Stunning images will provide an enticing 360° view. Exploring this decidedly innovative exhibition will be an entertaining, interactive experience, the ideal way to get to know the treasures of the Italian heritage.

The exhibition unfolds in a rolling sequence presenting five Italian UNESCO sites one after the other. In addition to the Dolomites, this new rolling method presents four more sites: The Residences of the Royal House of Savoy, the Church and Dominican Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Crespi d’Adda – the ideal working town and the Rock Drawings of Val Camonica.

The exhibition is staged by ARtGlass with the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Cultural and Heritage Activities and Tourism.