Three events in Friuli Venezia Giulia to celebrate the Dolomites

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Save the date – three events featuring the Dolomites

in Friuli Venezia Giulia:


The documentary “The Dolomites. Economy of the common good” by Piero Badaloni, taken from the six-episode documentary “The Dolomites. Mountains, people and their stories”, will be screened in Pordenone on Thursday 30 November at 9.00 pm at Cinemazero in Piazza Maestri del Lavoro. It heralds a new journey through the Dolomites, meeting people who have chosen to live and work there, contributing to the Alpine economy which is based on quality, sustainability and innovation. Coordinated by Fausta Slanzi, the President of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Mariagrazia Santoro, the Director Marcella Morandini and Piero Badaloni himself will speak at the screening.

The following evening, Friday 1 December, the documentary and discussion afterwards will take place in Tolmezzo at 8.30 pm at Cinema David in Piazza Centa, coordinated by Gianpaolo Carbonetto.

The star-shaped town, Palmanova, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List last July, will be the venue for the event “9×1=Dolomites UNESCO”. On 2 December at 8.30 pm at the Teatro Comunale of Palmanova, experts, scholars, businessmen, politicians and lovers of the mountains will make short contributions, alternated with videos and music in the Friulan language. This original event, a chance for us to reflect on the Dolomites through voices, images and sounds, was held for the first time last year in Moena, and its title refers to the nine Systems in the Dolomites which, if multiplied by one, the unit needed for shared management, the result goes against all the laws of mathematics because it is … greater than nine! What better way to welcome Palmanova into the family of UNESCO Sites!