In winter too #takecareinthemountains

Communication on the topic of caution in the mountains, including and especially in winter, is a crucial factor in limiting subjective risks and creating awareness of objective risks. This is the spirit that animates the “Take care in the Mountains” initiative, which, in Trentino, sees the collaboration of SAT (Tridentine Mountaineering Society), the Trentino Mountain Hut Association, the Alpine Guides and Mid-Mountain Guides Association, Trentino Alpine and Speleological Rescue, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, the Trentino Provincial Association of Ski Instructors, the Autonomous Province of Trento, and law enforcement under the coordination of Trentino Marketing.

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Pale di San Martino in winter. Ph. Alberto Perer

Pale di San Martino. Ph. Alberto Perer

Summer or winter, prudence speaks the same language

Read weather and avalanche risk bulletins correctly, plan your hike with temperatures in mind, dress appropriately, assess your physical condition, and rely on the experience and advice of alpine guides and people who live and work in and for the mountains. Skiing, with rules to be followed out on the slopes, is not the only activity that is the subject of the guidance disseminated in a concerted manner by all the contributors to the project and which have found a coherent form of communication. This is the real strength of the initiative, allowing for the coordination and concentration of efforts to ensure that the mountains can be experienced with proper awareness, in both summer and winter.

Asking yourself some extra questions…

… can be all it takes to ensure you enjoy a peaceful day in the snow, to protect your physical safety and, even, to save your life. Talking about “prudence” and not “safety” was a conscious choice, intended to avoid any misunderstanding about the possibility of zero risk, as there’s no such thing in the mountains. We didn’t want to give visitors to the mountains the idea that a totally risk-free experience can be guaranteed, regardless of personal conditions and possible changes in natural conditions.

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