World Heritage and quality – Interpreting the Dolomites at Rifugio Berti al Popera

The tenth anniversary of the inclusion of the Dolomites in the UNESCO World Heritage List celebrates quality in all its aspects. Quality also includes food, and this was fully in evidence at the latest of our “Incontri d’Alt(r)a Quota” (Other High Altitude Encounters), which took place at the Rifugio A. Berti al Popera, in System 5 of the World Heritage Dolomites.

The chef Alessandro Gilmozzi is a master of fine cuisine, the creator of amazing taste experiences with all the flavours, aromas and colours of the forest, and owner of a famous restaurant in Cavalese. He worked together with a group of high-quality producers from the Dolomites (who brought their own products) and the managers of the mountain hut, Bruno Martini and Rita Zandonella, to create a series of tastings and top quality dishes.

As on previous occasions, chef Alessandro Gilmozzi, a firm supporter of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, bequeathed one of the day’s new recipes to the Rifugio: in this case, a Tartelletta delle Dolomiti (Dolomite Tartlet) made with “Sponcio” corn, sauerkraut, speck and cream. Rifugio Berti will be offering it to its customers from now on.