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Inclusion of the Dolomites in the World Heritage List has created an essential need for investment in ongoing education for all areas that make up the Property. With the aim of fostering exploration of the opportunities offered by UNESCO status in communities and across the areas involved, a priority aim has been set for developing education aimed at young people, schools, administrators, business associations, and non-profit associations and organisations, to promote a growing set of practices aimed at promoting and enhancing the World Heritage Site.

The Education and Scientific Research Network of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is coordinated by the Autonomous Province of Trento on the basis of documentation and methods proposed by the tsm|step School for Regional and Landscape Management. This has a mandate for organisation and management of Network initiatives from the Province itself.

Education and research projects are organised in agreement with each administration participating in the working group and may also involve partnerships with external education bodies and agencies. Activities meet the various requirements of the areas sharing the Dolomites UNESCO Property and have different target audiences, including professionals, administrators, officers, economic, tourist and environmental operators, opinion leaders, representatives from the volunteer sector and associations, technical experts and freelance professionals, and citizens in general.

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