Promotion of
Sustainable Tourism

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Not all forms of tourism are compatible with safeguarding the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. In some cases visitor flows can become like overflowing rivers. What is needed is to come up with Dolomite-friendly ways of dealing with tourism that take account of the values of the property and the need to conserve them for future generations.

This requires some of the existing approaches to be re-scaled and modified, with the introduction of new, more balanced forms of tourism that consider the delicate nature of the locations and the needs of the local population. Sustainable, Dolomite-friendly tourism must be promoted to those involved, targeting visitors, tour operators and the local population as well. Sustainable tourism means establishing a deep harmony with the places people visit, helping local people and operators to express this in good practice.

Text by Dolomiti Project

The Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Network is coordinated by the Province of Belluno together with the DMO Dolomiti consortium.

The Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Network has commissioned a preliminary study (feeding into the Overall Management Strategy) that identifies guidelines for promotion of tourism in the Dolomites as a whole, in line with the UNESCO status, considering the nine Systems as a single natural site, despite their differences. It also develops products to promote tourism on the basis of coordination between local areas and on the sustainability principles set out in the Overall Management Strategy.

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