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18 november 2020

Learn about practices of inclusive tourism…

Go to GATE!

Interested in inclusive tourism? This fall 2020, starting from November 4th, a series of five workshops will take place as part of the GATE project  – Granting Accessible Tourism for Everyone to present the project results and a number of other best practices for all to adopt in the field.

In order to allow everyone to attend despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the workshops will take place online, maintaining however a highly interactive structure so to encourage active participation and knowledge exchanges among the audience. Each event, held either in English or in Italian, will consist in a 45-50 minute presentation by a GATE project partner and by other expert guests, followed by an allotted time for questions, answers, and other contributions.

While the workshops will be particularly helpful for all those who are specifically involved in the field of tourism, everyone is invited to join and guaranteed to gain useful insights on inclusion and accessibility! The series will unfold as follows:

  1. [ENGLISH] November 4th, 3pm CEST | Accessible tourism: four case-studies
  2. [ENGLISH] November 18th, 3pm CEST | Handicap, disabilities & inclusion
  3. [ITALIAN] November 25th, 3pm CEST | Handicap, disabilità & inclusione
  4. [ENGLISH] December 2nd, 3pm CEST | Best practices on inclusive tourism
  5. [ITALIAN] December 9th, 3pm CEST | Buone pratiche di turismo inclusivo

Have a look at the AGENDA and don’t forget to register to as many workshops as you want through this link!

All workshops are free upon registration. Click above to book your chance to learn more and discuss about accessible, inclusive tourism for everyone… and invite friends!

The GATE project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020 with the aim to collaborate on a cross-border level to make sure that inclusive tourism is no longer just the “highlight” of certain alpine and pre-alpine areas, but rather expands all over, becoming a true strength and an inspiration for further practices of inclusion everywhere. Get to know the GATE project partners here

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