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26 july 2017


JULY 26, 2017 | 12AM – 3PM

In the mountain huts Des Alpes, Valentini, Friedrich August, Salei, Comici, and Passo Sella Dolomiti Mountain Resort

Sustainability has also to do with the dinner table. In six Dolomites mountain huts around the Pass, the six chefs offer a food and wine itinerary with complete respect for the environment. Selected products from the region will be interpreted in the most authentic manner by these chefs, for a unique experience, to taste – with an itinerary from mountain hut to mountain hut – the best of local flavours.

The voucher book for the complete tour (EUR 30.00 for 3 dishes in total, including one glass of wine with each dish, consumed at a different mountain hut) must be booked by 12 pm of the previous day at the address [email protected]. Payment and pick-up are possible on the same day of the event by no later than 11 am at the #Dolomitesvives Info point at Passo Sella. A single dish – accompanied by one glass of wine – can be purchased (EUR 15.00) directly at the mountain huts, as supplies last.

The event will take place even in the case of bad weather

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