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News | A Lonely Planet Guide dedicated to the Dolomites

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20 December 2017


The first interregional Lonely Planet guidebook is dedicated to the Dolomites, to the nine systems making up the UNESCO World Heritage Site, marking the trail on which to explore the area. There was a presentation of the book on 7 December at the EUR conference centre in Rome, at which the authors of the guide assisted by Piero Badaloni described the main features of the book published by the Italian partner of Lonely Planet, EDT of Turin. The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation also made a contribution to the book, without having any influence on the editorial policy which remained completely independent. The presentation took place during the Italian trade fair for small and medium-sized publishers entitled Più Libri Più liberi (More Books More Freedom).



The practical, user-friendly style that has earned the Lonely Planet guides their global popularity is also evident in the edition dedicated to the Dolomites, with another significant feature. The text treats the nine different systems making up the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage not merely as separate entities, as from the administrative point of view, rather it presents them as nine closely interrelated nuclei from which the routes recommended by the authors fan out and cover the entire spread of the Dolomites property.

Descriptions of the geomorphology and landscape are accompanied by practical advice about excursions, accommodation and catering facilities, family activities and special events. This makes the guide a useful, up-to-date tool for all visitors to the Dolomites, pointing out both what is different about the nine systems but also what brings them together.

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