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The Italian National Committee for UNESCO was set up in 1950 to promote and provide links to UNESCO programmes in Italy, supplying information, consultative and implementation services. The committee was set up to meet a precise international obligation laid down in the Convention of London of 16 November 1945, and similar bodies operate in almost all of the 195 UNESCO member nations.

The Italian National Committee (CNI) operates through two bodies:

The General Assembly that establishes the Committee’s general strategies, identified in relation to UNESCO’s programmes and aims within the framework of the general national policies for education, science, culture and communications, working in close partnership with the Italy’s permanent diplomatic representatives at UNESCO.
The Management Board which is the Committee’s governing body charged with implementing the strategic approaches decided upon by the General Assembly.

The Italian National Committee for UNESCO is responsible for safeguarding the UNESCO name, acronym, logo and internet domain names, its specific programmes and its use. In particular, since the Committee is the body that acts as a link between UNESCO and the Italian government, it is required to oversee all matters associated with relations between UNESCO and Italian institutions.
Some of its duties are listed below.

Offering advice and recommendations to the Italian government and other public administration bodies on drawing up and assessing UNESCO plans.
Working in partnership with the competent entities to implement decisions made by the UNESCO General Conference.
Disseminating information about UNESCO’s principles, aims and activities through meetings, conferences, courses, publications and library services addressed to young people, schools and UNESCO clubs.
Facilitating the collection of data and information requested by UNESCO, also working with the competent institutions.
Managing sponsorships both on behalf of UNESCO and the Committee itself.

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