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The brand logo with its iconic mountain skyline is an expression of those special features that led to the Dolomites being listed as a World Heritage Site. The name, given in all its multi-lingual variations, demonstrates the unity of the founding members of the Fondazione Dolomiti – Dolomiten – Dolomites – Dolomitis UNESCO.


This apparently simple design is actually rich in symbolism, expressing much more complex layers of meaning. The four peaks represent the cultures and languages, Italian, German, Ladin and Friulian, that thrive in the territories that make up the Dolomites. The silhouette formed by the latticework of vertical and horizontal lines expresses again both the landscape and geological value that led to the UNESCO listing of the site. The pattern of stark vertical lines represents those sheer thrusting rock walls with their jagged faults and fissures, while the softer, randomly placed horizontal lines represent both the stratification of the rock and the many ledges that nestle within them. The ample debris fields and gently undulating ground from which these imposing natural edifices project are pictured by a gently arching line that both mimics and reveals what lies beneath.

The orange colouring evokes the Alpenglow, the characteristic colouring taken on in the twilight by the Dolomite rock that makes up most of these mountains, the result of their chemical composition. The brand logo was designed by Arnaldo Tranti, winner of an international competition with over 400 entrants.

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Use of the UNESCO Dolomites brand logo

The Foundation allows the brand to be used in order to promote and further its coordinated work on protecting, conserving and enhancing the Dolomites World Heritage Site.

Depending on the institutional set-up of the user, use of the brand may either be in the form of a licence or sponsorship.

All users of the brand must sign a contract stating that they share the Foundation’s goals in order to contribute to the overall management strategy for the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.

User Licence

The Foundation grants a brand user licence on the basis of specific quality criteria, measured according to the extent to which these are coherent with the Foundation’s own aims, and depending on the type of user, the activities engaged in and the use to which the brand logo is to be put.

The user licence is valid for one year from the date on which it was granted, and it may be given free or attract a fee, depending on whether it is to be used for institutional or commercial purposes.

Different, non-transferable versions of the logo are designed to suit each type of user and the user manual sets out the rules for the logo’s use.

Applicants for a user licence should fill in the form.


The Foundation offers its sponsorship to non-profit-making initiatives and events organised by other entities, provided they are judged worthy of such recognition and support. Sponsorship can be offered for cultural, scientific, economic and social initiatives, for sporting and commemorative events, provided their aims are relevant to raising awareness of and enhancing the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. The degree to which such events match the Foundation’s aims is assessed according to standardised, measurable parameters. These can be consulted in the document “Self-assessment Sheet”. Just by way of examples, such initiatives can take the form of events, conferences, seminars, educational and training courses, research, surveys, exhibitions, shows, competitions, awards, printed or multimedia publications. To apply for sponsorship fill in the relevant form, available in the download section.

Self-assessment Sheet for Sponsorship Applications


The use of the UNESCO and WHC name and logo is subject to specific rules, set by the management bodies of that organisation. The Italian National Commission for UNESCO is responsible for managing and licencing the use of these.


In its management role, as defined by UNESCO, the Foundation is required to check the proper usage by third parties of the UNESCO and WHC logos and that the correct administrative procedure has been followed for granting approval, in this case, by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO. The Foundation informs entities making improper use of the logos and provides them with the necessary information to comply with the rules and to assist them to use the logos correctly.


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