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The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation | Organisational structure

The Foundation has a number of essential operational bodies, these being the Steering Committee, the Board of Auditors, the Scientific Committee and the Board of Supporters.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of representatives of the provinces of Belluno, Pordenone and Udine and their regions Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto and the Autonomous provinces of Bolzano and Trento. The Steering Committee has all the powers necessary for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Foundation. This Committee approves the annual plan of action, the provisional budget, any variations to it and the final balance sheet. It appoints a Director and it approves the way the foundation is organised and the functions of the various departments. The Committee approves all the actions necessary for the Foundation’s proper functioning and passes resolutions on any other matters of interest to the Foundation or matters not specifically assigned to other bodies. The chairmanship of the Steering Committee lasts for three years and is assigned in rotation to the representative of each province, taken in alphabetical order. The Chairman of the Steering Committee is the Foundation’s official representative. 

The Director

The Director, who is in office for three years and may be reappointed, monitors the implementation of the administrative policies and objectives laid down by the Steering Committee. S/he is responsible for the implementation of the three-year strategic plan set out by the Steering Committee at the beginning of its mandate.

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, appointed by the Steering Committee and consisting of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members, provides technical and scientific advice on any issues and problems relating to the management and conservation of the property. It also comments on the way the management is being monitored and on scientific research.

The Board of Supporters

In order to ensure the participation of all those with a stake in the management of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and to develop a shared understanding of the sustainable development of the property, the Foundation has set up a Board of Supporters, made up of, in addition to the founding members, all the supporters of the Foundation appointed by the Steering Committee. Such persons may be natural or juridical, private or public entities, particularly municipal authorities, parkland management bodies, universities and research centres of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Members of this board must share the goals of the Foundation and make a contribution to the management fund or provide services that are of notable assistance to the Foundation’s activities. The Board of Supporters offers advice on and makes proposals for plans and action to be taken by the Foundation, and establishes the sums to be contributed to the management fund in order to qualify as a supporter.

The Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors, consisting of from one to a maximum of three accounting auditors, in office for three years, is called upon to check the Foundation’s administrative operations, to draw up the reports on the budget and balance sheet and it is required to comment on any variations in the accounts, providing the Steering Committee with financial advice.

Charter of the Fondazione Dolomiti – Dolomiten – Dolomites – Dolomitis UNESCO

Scientific Committee

Cesare Lasen

Roland Dellagiacoma

Mauro Pascolini

Annibale Salsa

Marco Tonon


Marcella Morandini

Board of Auditors

Michela Marrone

Board of Supporters

The Foundation’s Board of Supporters is a statutory body made up of representatives of the founding members and of all those entities which the Steering Committee considers qualified to be supporters. They may be natural or juridical persons, public or private entities, who have applied to be supporters and contribute to the management fund in cash or kind.

The Board of Supporters meets at least once a year in order to discuss matters relating to the UNESCO property and to offer advice on and make proposals for plans and action to be taken by the Foundation. It may also establish the sums to be contributed to the management fund in order to qualify as a supporter.

Potential supporters must meet the requirements set out in the specific set of rules, including meeting the location criteria and sharing the Foundation’s goals. Once entities are granted the title of supporter they may use a specific version of the UNESCO Dolomites brand logo.

The Board of Supporters currently has 176 members.

Members of the Board of Supporters (in Italian)

To apply to become a supporter and join the Board of Supporters, please fill in the form entitled “Application to become a Supporter”, filling in all parts and appending:

  • a copy of the signatory’s identity document
  • a copy of the articles of constitution and the charter of the entity
  • a copy of the resolution passed by the administrative body to apply for supporter status
  • a signed copy of the rules for qualifying as a supporter.

Send these:

  • by recorded delivery post to: Fondazione Dolomiti – Dolomiten – Dolomites – Dolomitis UNESCO, Corso Italia 77, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL)
  • by certified e-mail with the subject line “Request to become Supporter” to: [email protected]

Rules for qualifying as a supporter in .pdf format (in Italian)

Application form for becoming a supporter in .doc format (in Italian)

Application form for becoming a supporter in .pdf format (in Italian)

Steering Committee


Mario Tonina

Province of Trento



Graziano Pizzimenti

Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia



Roberto Padrin

Province of Belluno


Maria Magdalena Hochgruber Kuenzer

Province of Bolzano


Ilario De Marco

Magnifica Comunità di montagna Dolomiti Friulane, Cavallo e Cansiglio


Claudio Coradazzi

Comunità di montagna della Carnia


Federico Caner

Region of Veneto

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