A prestigious international role for the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

Event ended


Today in Rome it was made official, in the presence of the Under-Secretary for the environment Barbara Degani, the Fondazione Dolomiti Dolomiten Dolomites Dolomitis UNESCO is to take over the co-presidency for the period 2015-2016 of the Alpine Convention Sustainable Tourism working group. At the meeting in Turin for the XIII Alpine Conference, the ministers voted to set up a new working group for sustainable tourism. The Foundation’s General Secretary Marcella Morandini, as co-president together with Prof. Bausch of the Technische Universität of Munich, Bavaria, will coordinate the work in partnership with the European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC) and Milan’s Bocconi University. This marks major international recognition of the Foundation’s role and commitment.

The aim of the Alpine Convention working group is to promote greater harmony between tourism and the environment, facing up to the inevitable challenges and, first and foremost, tackling the issues of the management of Alpine tourism and of the green economy.

The issue of the management of Alpine tourism is a central theme, particularly in the context of the goals for managing the Dolomites World Heritage. It is also fully in line with the other focus of the Alpine Convention working group, that being to raise awareness of the natural and cultural heritage of the Alps.

This marks a major recognition for the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, providing an exceptional opportunity for discussion and the exchange of ideas at international level. This experience will also enable the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation to learn some valuable lessons in relation to drawing up the Sustainable Tourism Strategy, the objective for 2015.