Another 50 stories with Noi Dolomiti UNESCO

The third season of “Noi Dolomiti UNESCO” (We are the UNESCO Dolomites) is about to start, the programme that depicts the Dolomites from the point of view of those who live there. This year, the feature will not only be available on the social networks of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, but will also be broadcast weekly from July onward on Antenna Tre, Alto Adige TV, Telebelluno, Teledolomiti, Telefriuli and Trentino TV.

Noi Dolomiti UNESCO: 12 episodes to mark the reopening

In 2019, we focused on the effects of Storm Vaia, considering it in terms of resilience and adaptability, of man and nature, and of climate change. This year, the obvious theme is the reopening after the COVID-19 emergency. We will look at this firstly from the point of view of mountain hut managers, and those employed in the sectors of tourism, agriculture, and local production. Everyone is hoping for the best, but obviously facing a very difficult season in economic terms, and with regard to the current health measures. But the theme of reopening will also stimulate ideas about the new models that should govern man’s relationship with the environment – and therefore also with the mountains – following the global crisis. These will include the rediscovery of little-known places, the need to direct tourist flows away from areas that are over-stressed by mass tourism, and the responsibility of local communities to regulate processes of sustainable development.

The voice of the Dolomites

Noi Dolomiti UNESCO will therefore focus on the main themes that characterise the debate on the future of the Dolomites, but also and above all on the producers, mountain hut managers, alpine guides, experts, scholars, tour operators, and administrators who face the daily challenge of living in a territory with so many resources, but so many problems. In short, these are no picture postcards: just programmes with simple information about the challenges of mountain life.