Landscape Award: Nominations by December 15

The Council of Europe’s “Landscape Award” is aimed not so much at choosing the most spectacular landscape setting, but at selecting the processes put in place by communities to establish a balanced relationship with the environment and to live better in their own region. The organising secretariat for Italy has been identified as the Department of Historical, Geographical and Ancient Sciences (DiSSGeA) of the University of Padua (, contact persons Prof. Benedetta Castiglioni and Dr. Sabrina Meneghello.

Paesaggio dolomiticoPh. Lorenzo Barbante


Applications may be submitted by local and regional governmental and third-sector entities, either individually or as group or consortia. Consideration will be given to landscape enhancement projects through preservation, management or planning operations that emphasise strategies shared with local populations, that have been implemented, even partially, for at least three years, and that meet the four criteria identified by the Council of Europe: sustainability, exemplary character, public participation and awareness.

National and European Award

The Italian selection will culminate with the National Award to be presented on 14 March 2023, on the occasion of National Landscape Day; the winning project will be the Italian candidate for the Council of Europe Award, but mentions and recognitions will also be given to other projects that have promoted the integration of local people with the surrounding area through sustainable economic and ethical development policies.