Boots on? Then off we go: the third edition of “Incontri d’alt(r)a quota” is now set to go

We’re delighted to announce that the third edition of “Incontri d’alt(r)a quota” (Other High Altitude Encounters) is now set to go. And this year the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is organising events at five different mountain huts. We’re offering a more extensive programme for our tenth anniversary, thanks also to support from the Border Municipalities Fund.

Where we were…

Last year’s final get-together was due to be held at the Berti-Vallon Popera mountain hut, in Comelico. It was cancelled due to the bad weather forecast; because if you preach prudence, you should also practise it… But what’s the true story? Managers Bruno and Rita, producers from the UNESCO Dolomites association and Michelin-starred chef Alessandro Gilmozzi were all ready and waiting to welcome the participants, and continued to champ at the bit for the following weeks and months. Now we finally have a date to re-stage the event and enjoy a day out together: it will be July 5th, 2019, when the first “Incontri d’alt(r)a quota” will take place on Mount Popera.

Brenta, more than accessible

The second event will focus on experience. The appointment with “Brenta Open Dolomites” is fixed for Saturday, July 27th, when participants will climb up to the Agostini mountain hut. The next day, a group of children with disabilities will leave here accompanied by Gianluigi Rosa, Kevin Ferrari and Michele Maggioni, and will climb up some of the peaks. Various musicians will create a new composition, using a magical mix of sounds from the peaks and the mountain hut. These interrelated acts will express the idea of overcoming barriers, either physical or communicative, by means of the universal languages of music and human relationships.

And then there’s more: photos, geology, literature

The event on August 31st will be at the Pian de Fontana mountain hut in the Belluno Dolomites National Park. The focus here will be on the natural wilderness, with fifteen photographers taking part in a workshop headed by Moreno Geremetta. A great lover of the mountains and supporter of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, he has provided many images for the organisation’s official use. Another fascinating event focused on the extraordinary geology of the Dolomites will take place on September 7th at the Cava Buscada mountain hut, in association with MUSE and the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park. Participants will be able to take a walk through the history of the earth, exploring the quarry and the ammonite garden. The season’s finale is scheduled for September 21st at the Pradidali mountain hut. The writer Matteo Melchiorre and double bass player Nelso Salton will combine words and music in an original composition: a journey under the great cliffs that have inspired so many writers and composers.