Trento Film Festival: first photos of “the sublime” and a focus on mountain huts

Once again, the partnership between Trento Film Festival and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation will see a series of important events, alongside the presentation of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Special Award to the work that best captures the values of UNESCO status.

Ph. Archivio fotografico Franz Dantone Pascalin, in mostra al Trento Film Festival

Ph. Photographic Archive Franz Dantone Pascalin

Shaping the collective imagination

On Wednesday 24 April at 6.00 p.m., Palazzo Trentini will host the inauguration of the exhibition Franz Dantone. Dolomite photographer (1839–1909): an extraordinary, and in part previously unseen, collection of work from one of the first photographers of the Dolomites, in an exhibition curated by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and Istitut Cultural Ladin de Fascia “Majon di Fascegn”, with the collaboration of Davide Baldrati. Franz Dantone, nicknamed Pascalìn, was one of the first to scramble across areas still unknown at the time, carrying his wooden camera equipment and under the weight of his photographic plates. His pictures have helped to shape these landscapes in the collective imagination. And it was this collective image that, exactly one century after his death, was decisive for inclusion of the Dolomites in the World Heritage List. The exhibition will run from 25 April to 16 May.

The resonance of the Dolomites

Taking inspiration from the birth of this aesthetic paradigm, philosopher Paolo Costa, architect Loredana Ponticelli and photographer Davide Baldrati will discuss the theme of the sublime beauty of the Dolomites on 29 April at 5.30 p.m. in the Salotto Letterario in Piazza Duomo, Trento. As Paolo Costa writes in “L’arte dell’essenziale” (the art of the essential) (Bottega Errante Edizioni, 2023): “It is not an exaggeration to describe today’s rediscovery of the mountains as a profoundly spiritual phenomenon”. The debate will explore the theme of human experience in the mountains, and the associated potential and responsibilities.

Mountain huts from the perspective of those who run them

The conference “Designing for high altitude. Interiors with a view” organised by the Trentino Order of Architects, in collaboration with the Trentino Society of Contemporary Architecture and scheduled for 30 April at 5.30 p.m. at Spazio Alpino SAT, Via Manci 57, Trento, will provide an opportunity to introduce professionals and citizens to the multi-year initiative run by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation together with managers of the mountain huts within the core area of the World Heritage Site. Alongside the Director of the Foundation, the conference will see the participation of Luca Gibello, Roberto Dini, Gianluca Cepollaro, Alberto Winterle and Andrea Fregoni. This is the second edition of the cycle of meetings “Designing for high altitude” and it is aimed at exploring mountain huts from the interior, getting to their core, to understand how design can interpret their many different aspects.