“Extraordinary Beauty”: at the Trento Film Festival the photographs of the UNESCO Dolomites supporters

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The UNESCO Dolomites, star of the Trento Film Festival. Not just because of the Special Prize to be awarded to the Foundation in partnership with SAT, but also thanks to the exhibition entitled  “Extraordinary Beauty – A look at the UNESCO Dolomites by its supporters”, on show in Piazza Fiera in Trento from 26 April to 6 May. The exhibition consists of the most beautiful photographs of the Dolomites taken by the Foundation’s supporters.

Maybe not a lot of people know this….

One of the statutory bodies of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is its board of supporters, consisting of entities, associations, businesses and private individuals all of which share the aims of the Foundation and have made a conscious decision to support its activities. How do they do this? The membership fee is not the only means of support, members can make their own contribution including taking practical action or allowing the Foundation to make use of their own work. This was the decision made by some photographers, whose pictures will be shown during the Trento Film Festival.

The look of love

With an echo of Dante, clearly those who try to capture the beauty of the Dolomites end by getting captured themselves by it. Among mountain photographers this is a common experience. As they try to capture this look the mountain appears to say something directly to the lens, but without speaking. It is the mountain itself that leaves its mark in the camera in the form of its “extraordinary beauty”. The response of both professional photographers and lovers of the mountain will be a look that has been enchanted and then goes hand in glove with the mountain as they seek out fresh nuances, new shades, just as you do with the face of a loved one. But instead of some redness or an unexpected wrinkle, here are the ledges, the cliffs, the high plateaus, home to verdant pasturelands and forests. A whole world to explore and rediscover, day after day, shot after shot.

The works on show

The exhibition, which is open to everyone during the Trento Film Festival, will contain a selection of the best pictures taken by some of the photographers who support the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, including Alessandro Caon, Moreno Geremetta, Nicolò Miana, Patrick Odorizzi, Andreas Tamanini and Georg Tappeiner.

The previous show

Some of the photographs of the exhibition were shown for the first time in South Korea at the Ulju Mountain Film Festival which took place in September 2017, also thanks to the Trento Film Festival which allowed the Foundation to present the Dolomites at the leading East Asian festival dedicated to mountaineering.


Ph. Georg Tappeiner