‘UNESCO Dolomites ‘ special prizes to be awarded at the leading festivals celebrating the mountains

This year a special prize dedicated to the UNESCO Dolomites

will be awarded by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation

at prominent local cultural festivals

Links with some of the leading festivals which celebrate the mountains are being strengthened. The Foundation has confirmed it will be awarding a prize in 2017 at both the Trento Film Festival and Leggimontagna. And talks are underway for a similar venture with the Pelmo d’Oro award.

The Foundation would like to instigate similar awards at leading events throughout the territory, establishing a special Dolomites World Heritage prize at one festival in each of the areas belonging to the Property. Active involvement like this by the Foundation helps strengthen local ties and promote UNESCO values both in Italy and further afield.

65th Trento Film Festival 2017

SAT – Società Alpinisti Tridentini and the Foundation have set up the ‘UNESCO Dolomites World Heritage’ prize to mark the 65th anniversary of the Trento Film Festival. Documentaries in the territory, environment, sustainable tourism, culture, geology, sport, landscape and UNESCO properties categories will be eligible for this prestigious award. The film which most successfully raises awareness within the communities of the outstanding universal values of the UNESCO Dolomites and the ability to carry out active conservation will be judged the winner.

15th Leggimontagna 2017

The Leggimontagna prize awarded in Tolmezzo interprets the essence of the Alpine spirit through a number of different media, media which have the ability to rekindle memories or fire our imagination: this is the spirit of Leggimontagna. The Foundation has proposed a special UNESCO Dolomites prize for this year, which will be awarded to works which promote the territory named a World Heritage Site in 2009.

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