Brenta OPEN: 10 years of mountain inclusivity

The tenth edition of the most inclusive initiative in the dolomites will feature a busy calendar of events, which has consistently brought the issues of accessibility, willpower and overcoming mental barriers to the attention of the public and local communities. The programme will culminate between 13th and 21st of July with a crossing of the Brenta Dolomites from South to North, along the Via delle Normali.

“The Dolomites form natural barriers. We work to overcome mental barriers”

“Our goal is to demonstrate that willpower and teamwork, great achievements are possible, especially in the Dolomites, which, as a World Heritage Site, belong to us all”, commented the President of the Open Dolomites association, Alpine Guide Simone Elmi. And the initiative will benefit from the support of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation for implementation of the programme. “The dolomites form natural barriers, but we can work to overcome mental barriers and push ourselves to improve. Simply getting out and about, in the open air, regardless of our level of ability, has great value for us as individuals and for the wider community”, continued Simone Elmi. Naturally, prudence is central: “In this context, we employ all of our expertise and experience, planning the climbs in great detail”.

Via delle Normali

Every year, Brenta Open gives the opportunity to accompany people with disabilities to climb a peak in the Brenta Dolomites. This year, seven routes have been chosen from 13 to 21 July, in the following order: crossing of the Ambiez peak (3102 m), via Migotti to the Tosa peak (3136 m) and the Crozzon di Brenta crossing (3135 m), via Normale to Cima Tosa (3135 m), via Normale to Torre di Brenta (3014 m), crossing of the Brenta peak from south to north (3150 m), and via Normale to the Falkner peak (2988 m).  These will include the mountain huts of Cacciatore and Agostini, the Castiglioni bivouac, and the Brentei, Alimonta and Tuckett mountain huts. In the evening, there will be an opportunity to recount experiences and aspects of the lives of those taking part. The weekend of 20–21 July will see the grand finale for all those involved, with meet-up at 9.30 at Madonna di Campiglio for the inclusive trek with Alpine Guides (or climb on mountain bike/handbike with Bike Guides) to the Graffer mountain hut to meet the groups. In the evening, there will be a theatre performance by the “S-Legati” company followed by music and stories to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Brenta Open. On the following day, participants will scale the Grostè peak (2989 m) and Campaniletto dei Camosci (2863 m) will the usual concert from the peaks, so that the music—which will echo from one peak to the other with its universal language—becomes a tool to break through any barrier.

Other events

As mentioned, there will be many initiatives marking the tenth anniversary: from seminars on the “Power of Inclusion”, raising awareness across the area, to the “Festival of Inclusive Climbing” in October, a touring photo exhibition, the series of public evening events “The Dolomites at the theatre”, and participation in the “From the Dolomites to Etna” walk for inclusion and sustainability, involving a journey on foot across Italy from the end of August to December, symbolically uniting two natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites.