Dolomites on display for schools

The exhibition entitled “The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. Geological phenomena and human landscapes” is available to primary and secondary schools, as well as to organisations and associations on request. Visitors were able to view the 18 panels (and still can, but only until 2 December) at Palazzo Piloni, headquarters of the Provincial Administration of Belluno, which also hosted the presentation of the initiative resulting from the work of the Education and Scientific Research Network of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation through tsm|step School for Regional and Landscape Management, with the scientific supervision of Professor Bruno Zanon.

Reasons for recognition, challenges for management

The exhibition was conceived as an educational tool for schools and aims to highlight the geological and scenic basis for the inclusion of the Dolomites on the World Heritage List and to educate the younger generations to take care of the landscape that surrounds them. Nature and culture, geology and landscape are the two combinations around which the itinerary was conceived. During the presentation, Province of Belluno president, Roberto Padrin, emphasised that “the challenge before us, as inhabitants of the Dolomites, is not only to appreciate and feel proud of our mountains, but also to preserve their allure for future generations.” “This is a task”, he reiterated, “which must take the knowledge and awareness of the places in which we live as a starting point”.