Cadore bets on the Green Deal

This is an ambitious project aimed at young people, which focuses on sustainability as a resource and not as a burden, involving all the stakeholders in the region. It looks neither to the very short term nor to a future so remote as to make the commitments excessively vague. “Green Deal Cadore 2030” is a project undertaken by the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore to ensure that the Cadore region looks to the future with a shared vision.

Working from the bottom up

Administrations, economic forces, social partners, the Church, associations and the non-profit sector will be working at fourteen thematic round tables that revolve around three axes: Green Cadore: the green transition; Digital Cadore: innovation and digital transition; Inclusive Cadore: young people, families and social, economic and institutional networks. The project covers five areas: the Dolomites, physical and digital infrastructures; businesses and work; tourism and the Cadore identity (Dolomites, history, art and culture); the Cadore community (individuals, associations, families); and schools, health, mobility and municipal and community services. The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation is looking forward to this journey and will be making its own contribution, drawing on its positive experience in other participatory processes such as the Overall Management Strategy of the Dolomietes World Heritage, which again involved bottom-up work and was implemented through regional working groups.

The aims

As the President of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, Renzo Bortolot, says: “Cadore is becoming a great laboratory of ideas for guiding change. We are determining our future today. Never before has the context been so favourable for implementing the project ideas that emerge from the thematic round tables. In addition to targeted economic support plans such as NextGenerationEU, the new 2021-2027 EU recovery instrument, and the funds for the mountains and the inland areas, we can count on investments and important international events in the coming years such as the Auronzo 2023 World Canoe Championships and the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics. The Magnifica Comunità di Cadore’s role, within its area of competence in the region, is to ignite the fire of development, coordinating and facilitating collaboration among all the regional components, and providing guidelines for the relevant parties to implement with development projects and initiatives”.

Ph. Alessandra Masi