The UNESCO Dolomites at the centre of major education and training projects


The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Education

and Scientific Research Network

is a platform for developing joint projects and

promoting learning experiences in the Dolomite area


On the basis of the content, goals and methods recommended by the UNESCO area STEP-TSM (The School of Territorial and Landscape Management) in partnership with MUSE (the science museum) of the Autonomous Province of Trento, that coordinates the Education and Scientific Research Network of the Foundation, and shared with the representatives of the Dolomite regions and provinces involved in governing the Dolomites UNESCO WHS, the technical team set out an annual plan of educational and training activities and scientific research. The general aim is to encourage individual and group learning directed at protecting and enhancing the extraordinary gift that is the UNESCO WHS, enhancing and valuing the skills and knowledge of all those involved in it.

The educational and training activities and scientific research are planned, organised and delivered in agreement with each of the provincial authorities, setting up partnerships to add quality and a drive for innovation to all the proposed activities. These educational, training and research projects address different target groups, providing a response to the differing needs of each of the localities sharing the Dolomites WHS and all those people who live there or make use of it. The annual plan is then put into action in the various areas by the local educational and training entities.

The technical coordination team is currently putting together the detailed plan for 2017.

One example of these activities is the training course put on by the Autonomous Province of Trento, designed and coordinated by the UNESCO Area TSM/STEP in partnership with MUSE and aimed at administrators and opinion leaders and whose first editions had a very positive reception. Training activities will be updated for 2017.

In addition to the course for administrators and opinion leaders, and the postgraduate course in management of the UNESCO natural heritage, specially designed by the Education and Scientific Research Network, running for the fifth time this year, numerous activities are being planned, with details of all the new features presented on the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation website.