A travelling exhibition “The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geological phenomena and human landscapes”

“The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geological phenomena and human landscapes” is the result of the work of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation Training and Scientific Research Network through Tsm|step School for Regional and Landscape Management, under the scientific supervision of Professor Bruno Zanon.

The exhibition was conceived primarily as an educational tool for schools from across the Dolomites and aims to highlight the geological and landscape basis for the Dolomites being included on the World Heritage List. The goal is to increase awareness among the younger generations of the place where they live, providing tools to help them appreciate the landscape that surrounds them and teach them how to be good citizens.

The underlying idea can be summarised in an interpretative framework that adopts the keywords Nature and Culture, Geology and Landscape as the keys to understand ideas combining natural aspects and social practices in a historical dimension and from the perspective of contemporary experience. The exhibition is made up of eighteen roll-up banners exploring four themes: the significance of UNESCO status, the human landscapes that characterise the valleys, the history of visitors to the Dolomites, and the characteristics of the nine Systems that make up the Property.

Who is it aimed at?

The exhibition is aimed first and foremost at middle and secondary schools, but can also be offered to administrations and associations, supporting initiatives aimed at promoting knowledge of the Dolomites and the values that led to them being included in the World Heritage List. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue useful for teachers’ preparatory work.