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The 9 systems of the Dolomites

The Dolomites


In 2009 the Dolomites were listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, thus designating them the property of all of us.

The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site belongs to all of us, to those born among these mountains, those for whom they are a holiday destination, those who know them from books, magazines, films and TV, those who have studied their geological, geomorphological features, their natural history, landscape, culture, sports, socio-economic situation and those who have just heard of them in passing.

The nine systems making up the UNESCO Dolomites each have their own highly distinctive features, yet they are closely interlinked. These pages will enable you to take a virtual tour of these systems, to explore their landscape, geology and geomorphology, to venture along their pathways and to wander in those parklands created to ensure their protection. You can delve into the museums that tell the story of the entire Dolomites region and its people, listen to local legends and learn to see these glorious mountains through the eyes of the ancient inhabitants of this magical land.

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